8 Movies That Inspired Online Protests

7. Exodus: Gods And Kings

20th Century Fox

What They Said: “A lot of people might go to the film. Hopefully nobody goes to that film” claimed Rachel Dolezal. “We need to boycott that film from my perspective.”

The NAACP official was referring to Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods And Kings, where the likes of Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton played North African historical figures, which Dolezal considered “highly offensive” and a prime example of Hollywood “robbing and shredding ancient history.”

What Happened: The movie took $268 million worldwide, less than double its $140 million production budget, so perhaps audiences shared her disquiet. Dolezal, however, was having problems of her own.

After presenting herself as a black woman (and expert on African American culture), the activist was outed by her parents, who claimed she was white. Asked about the issue on NBC’s Today Programme, Dolezal said: “I identify as black.”


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