8 Movies That Were Changed AFTER They Were Released

6. Almost Thirty Minutes Were Chopped In Response To Criticism (The Brown Bunny)

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Notorious for its unsimulated oral sex scene between co-stars Chloƫ Sevigny and Vincent Gallo (with the latter also serving as director, writer and editor - how odd that the scene had to be unsimulated), The Brown Bunny wouldn't be remembered at all if this moment weren't included, because the film as a whole is... quite bad.

It received mixed reviews from critics and was absolutely savaged by a handful of them (the best reaction came from Roger Ebert, who claimed that his colonoscopy was the more entertaining video to watch), and this negative response led to Gallo heavily editing his film soon after it premiered at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

That initial Cannes cut was quite slow and meandering - which likely contributed to the backlash - and so, Gallo focused his edits on cutting the fat.

Around 26 minutes were excised in total - including long scenes of driving and black screen - and this refined cut went on to earn a more favourable response than the earlier version, including from Ebert, who gave it three out of four stars.

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