8 Movies Where Extras Got Totally Trolled

7. A Misbehaving Horse Kicked An Extra In The Crotch - The Last Samurai

Fast Times At Ridgmont High
Warner Bros.

In what must surely be one of the all-time great cinematic examples of a background artist holding it together under intense agony, we have this poor, suffering extra from the Tom Cruise-starring period epic The Last Samurai.

In a scene where Captain Nathan Algren (Cruise) dismounts from his horse, keep an eye on one of the soldiers stood behind him, who promptly gets kicked hard in the crotch region by the apparently unhappy horse.

Somehow despite the swiftness of the kick the extra managed to maintain his composure and not blow the take, for which they clearly deserved some sort of additional compensation.

Clearly no human member of the production was trying to actively harm the extra, but the horse on the other hand likely didn't care much for being crowded by so many bodies. Ouch.

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