8 Movies With Seriously Insane Details You Didn't Notice

Someone actually counted every hair on Lots-o'-Huggin Bear's body...

Se7en Movie
New Line

Great attention to detail is often an inherent part of what defines a great movie: it's also the feature that separates the auteurs and directorial geniuses from the hacks who just turn up to get paid and abuse the catering budget.

In most cases, directors will spend as much time as the production schedule will allow to imbue their movies with as many fine details as possible. Whereas these directors are merely passionate, there are some directors who are completely, balls to the walls over-the-top - so much so, in fact, that they're just as concerned with an object in the background of the frame that nobody will ever see as they are Brad Pitt's acting or the opening credits.

These directors are to be admired for their dedication, not mocked. Is there anything more beautiful than a filmmaker feverishly pursuing the most unlikely of goals, all for the sake of bringing their products as close to their vision as possible?

There is not.

To celebrate such delirious dedication on account of some of the world's best loved filmmakers, here's eight movies with insane details that you've probably never noticed... which, bizarrely, is likely what the filmmakers involved intended anyway.

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