8 Movies You Won't Believe Are Set In The Same Universe

Daredevil in the same world as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? We're not kidding.

Daredevil Ninja Turtle The idea of a movie crossover is not exactly groundbreaking anymore, thanks to a widespread understanding that any big franchise can simply go nuts with the amount of sequels they can give to the characters in each movie. For example, the Marvel Universe has more or less free license to use hundreds of different comic book characters in the Avengers series, with the only notable exceptions being Spider-Man and the X-Men, so none of us should be surprised to see even the most obscure of Marvel creations turn up in the next Avengers movie. However, what does stand out as being a little more intriguing is when movies that you did not expect to have any obvious connection are bridged by a common link... or at least a linking conspiracy theory. For example, writer Jon Negroni has received a lot of attention recently thanks to his Pixar Universe Theory, wherein not only do all the Pixar movies take place in the same universe, but they're in fact in a timeline, beginning with Brave and culminating in Monsters, Inc. - with a good few human extinctions along the way. The proof for this theory comes from all of the little nods and easter eggs the Pixar staff are so fond of leaving in each of their movies, such as the same caravan being visible in both A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc., or Carl and Ellie's (from Up) postcard to Andy in Toy Story 3. So with the powers of deduction, or a great deal of spare time on his hands, Negroni has deciphered that the Pixar universe is tracking the rise and fall of the human race upon discovering magic and the damage caused by our pollution, which ultimately causes animals and machines to talk, before everyone becomes mutated into Mikes and Sullys. And yes, before we begin, technically every movie takes place in the same universe, but this is an exploration into the unexpected connections between movies that wouldn't have previously been linked. So get your conspiracy theory tin foil hats on as we delve into the realms of uncertainty...

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