8 Movies You Didn't Know Were Secretly Directed By Other People

Return Of The Jedi For aspiring filmmakers everywhere, there is arguably no accolade more sought after than that of the directing credit. For all those wanna Spielbergs, who spend their lives staring at the names of filmmaking personalities that they respect and admire as they flash up over and over again, the appearance of a "Directed By" credit followed by their very own name marks the completion of a dream. And you have to admit: there's a certain glamour and power to gaining that level of credit that can't really be replicated elsewhere. The ultimate "Look Ma, I Made It!", if you will. As movie-goers, we look upon the director's credit as something to awe over. One person in charge of an entire production - one person whose artistic vision has supposedly been achieved to the point in which they're happy to put their name on it for millions and millions of people all over the world to see. Sometimes, though, this credit can be a little bit deceiving... just because the elusive credit is telling you that somebody was in charge of a movie doesn't necessarily mean that they were. Hollywood has been known to fabricate the truth, you know. Take the 8 movies I've assembled here, for example, all of which have either been confirmed or rumoured to have been directed by other people entirely...

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