8 Obscure Background Movie Clues That Explained Everything

Confusing movie moments: solved.

"That didn't make any sense," is one of the most common criticisms of films (aside from perhaps "Yeah, it was probably too long," and "I've seen it all in the trailers"). And it's not hard to see why - big budget blockbusters that care more about marketing themselves to the teen demographic than they do actually making a coherent story are seemingly more prevalent than ever before (seriously, was anybody able to come up with a summary of Terminator Genisys that didn't break down halfway through the second sentence?).

But finding a movie confusing isn't always a bad thing. From high-reaching mega-hits to smugly-smart indie fare, some films love to test their audiences mental ability, throwing out lots of tricky ideas and refusing to bring them all together at the end. They wallow in ambiguity, begging for endless post-viewing debate.

That doesn't mean, however, that there is no way of breaking these films down. Like trailer editors with key returning Star Wars characters, filmmakers don't leave things to chance. The answers may not be spelled out for you, but they are still there, hidden in the movie for eagle-eyed movie fans to find.

To illustrate the point, here are eight such movies that suddenly make an awful lot more sense if you just pay attention to the background.

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