8 Original Movie Endings That Never Made It To Screen

There are deleted scenes, then there's the stuff they never even shot...

Warner Bros.

There's a lot riding on a film's ending. Even without the requisite twist of any modern blockbuster script, the ending determines - to an extent - the degree of audience satisfaction. But even before such factors enter into the equation, the ending begins on the screenwriter's desk, and though underappreciated in the system the writer will not be satisfied until the ending successfully concludes every theme and arc explored within the script. Most of it will be jettisoned by the time shooting rolls around, but at least the effort is there and you've provided a few deleted scenes for the Blu-Ray. But once it's handed over to the studio, the film's ending is out of the filmmaker's control.

Filmmaking is very much a democratic process with a top-heavy executive branch, and often the interworkings of a film lead to drastic changes. These can result from negative test screenings, political pressure or just simply the whims of an out of touch studio executive.

Nevertheless, here are the endings we always wanted to see. They may have been storyboarded, but few were even shot.

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