8 Overhyped Movies We Can Consider Fairly Now The Dust Has Settled

Quantum Of Solace In this day and age, what with the relentless (and incredibly expensive) marketing campaigns that accompany each and every blockbuster to its cinematic debut, it's hard not to get excited all out of proportion. And although there's absolutely nothing wrong with having built-in expectations with regards to anything, we've reached a point as a society where it's almost impossible for those expectations to be met. When you're given months to visualise the perfect movie in your head, it's no wonder we're all disappointed every time one of these things hits theatres. When a long-awaited blockbuster is released, fans (and fanboys) have spent so long wallowing in the subject matter, reading features and articles, that no matter what the filmmakers deliver, it's rarely going to live up to the hype. And most overhyped motion pictures don't ever seem to rise to the challenge of our expectations, be it the fault of the people who made it or our own. But time is healer, which basically means that... well, after a while, it's not a bad idea to re-approach an overhyped product - freed from prior expectations - to view it under better circumstances. Which is what I've done with the movies gathered up here, anyway, all of which were overhyped beyond comprehension before they were even released and suffered at the hands of either critics or fans as a result. I wasn't a huge fan of most of the movies included here (all of which were released in the past 10 years), but felt they were in the need of another, somewhat fairer look...

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