8 Planned Remakes That Shouldn't Happen

Remakes are unwelcome the best of times but these ideas just take the pi**.

Gremlins Remake Studios love a good idea for a film. They love them so much they'll even use it again and again. For this reason we are bombarded with remake after remake every year. Sometimes we get surprised. Last year's Evil Dead remake had just enough mayhem and style to satisfy long time fans and silence most protests. It's rare but it does happen. Then there are those remakes that far surpass the original. Remakes like John Carpenter's The Thing or David Cronenberg's vastly superior The Fly. Whether they utilize modern technology to fully realize a film's potential or add a previously unrealized element to a film, they prove that sometimes a good idea can only get better. More often than not, there are the remakes that just don't cut it. Now and then it's a case of a lack of respect for the original material. When Samuel Bayer said his remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street was going to be scarier than the original it made people wonder if he had even seen the Wes Craven original. Needless to say Bayer failed and fans were not happy. Or there's the remakes that missed the point of the original entirely. One wonders in the case of Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes if the studio thought the original's appeal was people dressed as apes and not the biting social commentary at the end. Here's a list of eight planned remakes that need to be stopped before they start:
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