8 Problems With The MCU That Doctor Strange Doesn't Fix

Aren't Doctors supposed to make things better?

Doctor Strange Mads Mikkelsen
Marvel Studios

If there's one thing you're all but guaranteed to get when you sit down to watch a Marvel movie, it's a good slice of enjoyment.

But enjoyable doesn't necessarily equal problem-free, and while the majority of the studio's cinematic universe entries are definitely entertaining, they're certainly not without their issues.

Enter Doctor Strange, Marvel's fourteenth effort since Iron Man and the movie that had all the makings of a radically divergent, subversive comic-book blockbuster. And while - as expected - it was supremely good fun, it didn't stray quite as far from the Marvel formula as many had hoped, leaving it riddled with a host of complications that have permeated the MCU for years and years.

And these complications are present in a good chunk of Marvel's movies, too - not every single film plays host to every single issue, but they're widespread enough to be deemed a concern.

And that's disappointing, especially for a mammoth-sized studio with some of the most talented creative minds in the world and a near-infinite amount of resources at their disposal. We should expect better when we put down our hard-earned cash, and hopefully things start to improve in the future.

But for now, here are eight big problems that are plaguing the Marvel Cinematic Universe - including Doctor Strange - that need to be addressed...


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