8 Reasons Why Halloween Just Blew Up At The Box Office

How Michael Myers just slaughtered the competition...

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The estimates are in and it looks as though the new Halloween is slaughtering box office records all over the place.

Mere days before it premiered, analysts were predicting the film would do between fifty and sixty million dollars for its US opening. In reality, it did over seventy-five million dollars and counting, grossing more in its opening weekend than any other Halloween film has in their entire run.

So what led to the Halloween franchise delivering such a gargantuan take at the box office?

Here, we'll take a deep dive into what is different about the release of this Halloween and see if we can't answer exactly what led to this film doing so well.


8. The Marketing


Simply put, the marketing team over at Universal has done an excellent job of promoting this film.

Beginning back at the start of June when they first released the initial trailer, the team has steadily ramped up the film's marketing presence over the past five months. Instead of rushing out a first trailer (ala Venom) or waiting too long to begin their marketing (ala Solo), Halloween hit the sweet spot and put out a first trailer that felt confident and refined while also giving the team more than enough time to build upon it.

It also doesn't hurt that all of the trailers have been great. They've teased snippets of sequences and given audiences more than enough to salivate over without spoiling the entirety of the film.

Even when the second trailer featured a good chunk of one of the film's best sequences, the long take of Michael going house-to-house murdering people, the team managed to preserve the true joy of it. In the trailer, it's played in silence with a Jamie Lee Curtis voiceover. In the finished film, the Halloween Theme blares over the sequence, giving it a newfound power and energy.

On top of this, the team has made the film a verifiable social media presence that has only grown increasingly powerful as the month of October and the actual holiday of Halloween grew nearer.

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