8 Reasons Why Indiana Jones 5 Is (Probably) A Brilliant Idea

Remember when people weren't sure about Star Wars Episode VII too?

Indiana Jones 5

Indiana Jones. I always knew you'd come walking back through my... No, I can do better. It's not the years, it's the mileag... No, I use that one later on. Where did you dig up that old foss... Sh*t, wrong franchise.

Look, there's lots of quotes we can use to pepper this up, but the basic facts are this: Indiana Jones is back, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Harrison Ford. It's a 100% real, definite thing that is happening, with a release set for 10th July 2020 and everything.

It's hardly surprising - with Star Wars: The Force Awakens proving quite the critical and box office success a a few years back, any nerves about following up The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull over at Lucasfilm will have been swiftly abated.

Of course, while producing power couple Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are both fully behind it, the fans on the internet are less than convinced, with the ultimate feeling being one of unencessity since the film was originally announced a year ago. But, hey, if Indiana Jones 5 is going to happen (and it was always going to no matter what), then the situation we have here is probably the best it could be - can you imagine a bunch of newcomers taking on the series? And there's a lot more to make the new sequel an exciting prospect than just blind resignation.

Here are eight reasons why Ford, Spielberg and co. won't just be getting fortune, but might also find some glory too.


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