8 Recent Horror Movie Cameos Everyone Missed

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Everyone loves a good cameo appearance on the silver screen. Seeing a familiar actor or character surprisingly pop up in a film is always a delight and is one of the possible sort of surprises an audience can get when watching a movie for the first time.

Despite how minute these roles may be, these small parts can often deliver a standout moment for the more eagle-eyed viewers out there.

Now, the horror genre is no stranger to these special appearances, from Alfred Hitchcock making numerous cameos in his own films, to something as bizarre as Hulk Hogan showing up in Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Even through until today, such surprise roles have continued to provide great rewatch value and deliver interesting trivia in some of the horror genre's more recent releases.

From uncredited voiceover roles, to blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearances, these cameos prove that the devil is indeed in the details. And so without further ado, here are eight such cameos from recent horror films.

8. Marilyn Manson - The New Mutants

Evil Dead Rise Bruce Campbell

The New Mutants was well-publicized for its numerous delays, from 20th Century Fox-demanded reshoots, to various problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. And though the film itself is relatively safe, one aspect that hasn't been talked much about is the involvement of musician Marilyn Manson.

The infamous rocker actually voiced the Smiley Men, the representation of Illyana Rasputin's abusers from her troubled childhood. Though a different actor played the character on-set, all the voices and sounds from the creature were done by Manson himself.

An interesting BTS anecdote about his involvement with the film, was Manson actually recorded a song for The New Mutants. In 2019, he released a cover of Cry Little Sister which was intended to tie-in with the Marvel movie. But of course, due to the picture's countless delays, the song was released ahead of The New Mutants, and come the final cut, was nowhere to be heard.

Still, it's still a fun piece of trivia to know that the musician's involvement with the movie wasn't completely cut.

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