8 Recent Movie Characters That Just Disappeared

Why wasn't Rocky in Donnie's corner in the fight against Damian?

Creed 2 Rocky

Is it too unreasonable to go into a movie and expect a watertight narrative with absolutely no plot holes, loose ends, or general issues with the story that don't quite make sense? Yes. Yes it is. There will always be imperfections in any movie, and this is where an audience's disbelief needs to be appropriately suspended.

This can be difficult however, when a character viewers have spent hours, sometimes even years getting attached to, just disappears without a trace. It happens more often than you might think.

Whether there's just not room for a character throughout the entire story, they genuinely seem to have been forgotten about by the writers, or if off-screen issues prevent certain actors from reprising beloved roles, it can be incredibly frustrating to just see these guys just basically stop existing on screen.

This has always happened throughout cinematic history, but what about over just the last five years? Recent cinema apparently hasn't learned that if a character is worth bringing to the screen, they deserve to have their story told properly. Instead, these eight characters just vanished.

8. The Underminer - Incredibles 2

Creed 2 Rocky

There have been a handful of franchises within the realms of Pixar that have seen something of a revival after many, many years. Toy Story 3 came out 11 years after Toy Story 2, there were 12 and 13 years between Monsters Inc. and Monsters U, and Finding Nemo and Finding Dory respectively, and joining this list is The Incredibles.

14 years after the original movie cut short the titular family's fight with the Underminer, Incredibles 2 picked up exactly where the narrative left off. Tony Rydinger was in the custody of Rick Dicker, and told of the fight that ensued.

In 2003, the Underminer only appeared at the end of The Incredibles after having nothing to do with the overall story. He was there as something of a tease for the family fighting together as a proper superhero team, and in a similar way, he was only involved in the sequel at the very start, again having nothing to do with the overall main story.

The villain got away from the Incredibles at the start of the sequel, making off with immeasurable amounts of money, but because of the collateral damage and the supers in general, no one seemed to care. He was forgotten about, and no one was particularly interested in tracking him down or bringing him to justice.

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