8 Smartest Decisions In Zombie Movie History

7. Obeying The Rules - Zombieland

Shaun of the Dead
Sony Pictures

When people think of the rules of horror, minds usually tend to wander to the speech delivered by Jamie Kennedy's Randy in the first Scream movie. No sex, no drink or drugs, and no 'I'll be right back'.

Of course, Wes Craven's 1996 picture beautifully threw those rules on their head, reinventing the slasher subgenre and the greater horror landscape with a film which poked fun at the overplayed tropes of horror while simultaneously managing to be an utterly terrifying movie in its own right.

The point being, the rules of the genre were a-changing back in '96. Keeping on top of the rules of the day are always a good idea, though, and that was a concept that was front-and-centre to any and all success achieved by the characters at the core of Zombieland.

Ruben Fleischer's 2009 picture is a firm favourite for those with a penchant for the undead, and it's a tale that so often rewards those characters smart enough to obey the rules clearly lined out in Zombieland.

Rules such as working on your cardio (to outrun zombies), always double tap (to make sure someone is really dead), be wary of bathrooms (don't get caught with your pants down), and always use seatbelts (because zombies don't) all work wonders for those willing to listen to the rules on the table.

For those not smart enough to abide by these rules, of course, a gnarly death is usually lurking around the corner for them.


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