8 Startling Early Versions Of Your Favourite Pixar Films


Last week€™'s announcement that The Good Dinosaur has been postponed until late 2015 comes after several months of gradual deterioration in Pixar€™'s faith in the project - it didn't make an appearance at D23 and since then director Bob Peterson has been replaced by key members of the fabled Brain Trust - but that doesn't make it any less depressing. The company had just managed to pull itself back in fan€™s eyes after the disaster of Cars 2 and now what many hoped would be a return to full on greatness has been coloured with doubt.

Making 2014 the first time since 2005 that we haven€™t got a new Pixar movie, it'€™s the latest in a long list of projects that underwent a massive shift halfway through production. Most famously Newt was cancelled a fair way into development (allegedly because of the similarity in plot to Blue Sky€™'s Rio), but even some of the animation studio€™s most loved works have suffered some difficulties before making their way onto the big screen.

To help us feel a little bit better about The Good Dinosaur€™'s quality, today I'm going to take a look back over those films that almost turned out startlingly different from what we know and love. They€™'re all really testament to Pixar€™'s creative process, where the whole crews helps shape the director€™'s vision, not just instigate it.


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