8 Stressful Horror Movies That Make You Sweat

Love the feeling of being drenched in sweat? Spin a wheel and pick your fighter with these films!

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It is not uncommon for a horror fan to expect scares and chills from their favourite genre, but when you have the added fun of a stressed out, sweat-inducing 90 minutes, it really just adds a certain edge to your experience!

From action-filled horror films like The Purge: Anarchy all the way through to subdued, minimalist psychological horror of Mother!, there are so many different ways horror movies can get your anxiety high, and your body sweating in its seat.

Some horror films can be categorised as good if they make your heart almost give up beating, and these films are no stranger to being able to do just that! Whether they have you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, or making you sweat uncontrollably, there is no denying that these movies each have a special place in our hearts as movies that could kill us if we gave them the chance!

8. Us

Inside 2007

Jordan Peele stunned audiences with his directorial debut Get Out in 2016, and then reinforced his immense power to instil fear in audiences in 2019 with his fantastically crafted film Us.

This horror flick follows a blood-drenched night of mayhem when the Wilson family are attacked by a family of doppelgangers who appear to know everything about them.

A carefully crafted film from start to finish, a keen observer would be quick to notice the subliminal messages rooted deep within Us. From Lupita Nyongo's character Adelaide's constant battle of ignoring 'angel numbers', all the way to the symbolism exhibited within the doppelgangers' costume design, Peele successfully taps into the long-established fear of the 'other' and plays ingeniously on these anxieties.

This addition onto the list differs drastically from the majority of the other entries, as it does not rely solely on the use of gore to terrify; this film's selling point comes from its magnificent plot and the carefully designed script to accompany it.


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