8 Things Justice League Must To Do To Get The DCEU Back On Track

7. Keep Aiming For Visual Impact

Justice League Unite The 7
Warner Bros.

If there's one thing everyone can take away from Zack Snyder, it's the fact that he knows how to deliver sumptuous visual spectacle in his blockbusters. His` style is the definition of 'cinematic' and he will have to play to his greatest strength to keep the DCEU on track.

Over the years, Marvel's style has become ossified to the point of sterility. Each new entry in the canon has a 'Marvel' look that's apparent from the opening frame and it's becoming rote and tiresome. Marvel's style also influenced the X-Men franchise, making most recent comic book offerings seem homogenous and bland in the visual department as a result.

Okay, so Doctor Strange shook things up, but aside from that, it lacks individuality.

Snyder needs to keep Justice League visually distinctive to make it stand out from the increasingly uniform aesthetic of modern comic book blockbusters. If he changes his style to match the current comic book movie norms, DC will lose the one thing that it does much, much better than Marvel. Luckily, so far, the stunning Justice League images and stills Warner Bros has shared appear to be keeping things visually on point. This is an element Snyder can nail in his sleep, but it's important for him now to rest on his laurels for Justice League.


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