8 Things The DCEU Is Doing Better Than The MCU (So Far)

The MCU Vs. DCEU battle isn't as clear cut as you might think...

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The DCEU has had a troubled journey so far. Difficult productions, critical mauling and box office disappointments have been a problem regarding several of its films and it has become something of a critical punching bag, but it's not all bad news. Quite the contrary.

The films are getting better and better, and although the DCEU isn't as good as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it certainly isn't the weak franchise it once was. In fact, the DCEU has done a fair few things better than the MCU across its eight films so far.

Of course, in terms of writing, acting, box office performance, humour, coherence and overall consistency and quality, the MCU is an immediate winner but in some other areas it's actually been surpassed by this other, less successful superhero cinematic universe.

Judging by both these qualities and the improving fortunes of the DCEU, perhaps this franchise will be just as good as Marvel's cinematic universe one day. Stranger things have happened...

8. The Outsider Hero's Fantasy World

Captain Marvel Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is basically the Justice League equivalent to Thor, since he's another long-haired, god-like member of royalty from an alternative world (sort-of).

Asgard, the world where Thor comes from, is OK. It looks nice and everything but it's ultimately kind-of meh (just like most of the other things in Thor's solo films). It isn't a tenth as awesome or detailed as Atlantis, which is the underwater world where Aquaman's mother comes from and of which Aquaman is now king.

Not only is it an absolutely stunning and gorgeous on a visual level, but Aquaman's solo film took time to flesh out some of the backstory regarding the original seven kingdoms, their differences in appearance and history, and the state the different groups have fallen into.

It's a living, breathing world that pretty much represents some of the best world-building of any kind in any MCU or DCEU film.

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