8 Times Audiences Were Blamed For Movies That Failed

7. Warner Bros Calls Out Audiences For The Goldfinch Flop

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The Goldfinch is currently in cinemas so it's still got a bit of money left to make, but regardless, it will still go down as an almighty flop. Budgeted at $45 million, it will be lucky to make even half of that worldwide, and distributor Warner Bros recently shared its thoughts on exactly why things turned out this way.

Speaking to Variety after the film's disappointing opening weekend, Jeff Goldstein - the studio's president of domestic distribution - explained that the reason he believed the movie flopped was because moviegoers just couldn't care less about the material:

“I think the audience wasn’t interested in seeing this literary work on-screen. There were many things that didn’t work, but the biggest was probably the marketplace. The gap between the have and the have-nots is growing even bigger.”

You can't really blame audiences for not wanting to see it, because the general consensus is that it plain sucks.

Not that a member of the studio would admit that, mind, but his comment about "many things" being wrong with the project sounds like his way of acknowledging the film's poor response, without explicitly mentioning it.


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