8 Times Movie Directors Were Total Jerks To Their Actors

These directors must be nightmares to work for.

Warner Bros.

Pretty much everyone has had a horrible boss at some point or another. These people are total nightmares to work for. They're rude, demanding, controlling, and abusive of their authority, treating their employees more like cattle than human beings.

If ever you work for one of these sorts of people, the only thing you want to do is walk into their office, jump on their desk and tell them all those angry comments you've been bottling up inside, but for one reason or another, you often have to suck it up and endure their cruelty until you happen to find a better position elsewhere.

Well, even in the glamorous world of Hollywood, where actors can be paid millions and millions to appear in a single film, bad bosses exist in the form of fearsome film directors. Plenty of famous actors and actresses have been criticised, insulted, and even physically harmed by directors, many of whom have developed reputations as being horrible to work with.

We'll probably never hear the grisly details of what many of these directors have done to their actors over the years, but some stories have made their way out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight.


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