8 Unexpected Positives From Marvel's Ant-Man

It's a small world after all.

Ant-Man is the best Marvel film of the year, and come the end of 2015 there€™s a very good chance it€™ll be the best superhero film of the year period.

Granted it may be swimming in a shallower pool than most years, in terms of comic-book movies, but to go up against the superhero behemoth that is Age of Ultron and come out on top is no small feat.

Marvel have shown time and again that they really know what they€™re doing with their cinematic universe, something a lot of other studios are now playing catch-up with. And while they€™re all haphazardly making attempts to cobble together a universe out of nothing, Marvel are taking more and more risks.

Last year€™s Guardians of the Galaxy was the first of these, a relatively unknown comic series with characters who were way €˜out there€™, and Ant-Man is another fine example of that. It€™s a superhero who, er, shrinks to the size of an ant? And even the movie makes fun of the name. Yet here it is, in the big-budget, shiny Marvel package you€™d associate more with Iron Man or Captain America, and somehow it manages to work really well.

It€™s a credit to Kevin Feige and the team he€™s put together for this movie that it does so, a rag-tag group pulled together from well outside the usual comic-book norm (a comedy actor and a director who hasn€™t actually made a movie in seven years) to create a film that ensures Marvel Phase Two ends on a high note, and here€™s a look at those elements that all came together to make this Marvel€™s most surprising film yet€


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