8 Upcoming Horror Movies That Could Steal IT's Box-Office Crown

7. Halloween (2018)

Slender Man Movie Director Sylvain White
Blumhouse Productions

Speaking of horror icons, they don't get much bigger than Michael Myers.

First appearing in 1978's Halloween and last seen in Rob Zombie's Halloween II, he'll be returning in 2018 (alongside franchise veteran Jamie Lee Curtis) with the release of Halloween, a direct follow-up to 1981's Rick Rosenthal-directed Halloween II.

Box-office-wise, the series has never done anything too special, but given how commercially successful horror has become over the last few years (It, Get Out, Split, Don't Breathe), and the involvement of several interesting creative players, 2018's Halloween should be the franchise's most profitable entry yet.

Those creative players include David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, two men known for their comedy work, as well as Blumhouse Productions, who have steered everything from The Purge to Paranormal Activity to great success.

It: Chapter One was lauded for its comedy as much as its horror, indicating that audiences don't just want to be scared - they want to laugh, and spend time with lively, fun characters. The addition of Gordon Green and McBride to the Halloween franchise should give the sequel that humorous edge, drawing in viewers who want something more than a by-the-numbers slasher flick.

Halloween has always been overly grim and bleak, but the success of It shows that if you balance that darkness with a measured and appropriate amount of levity, you can find phenomenal success.

Plus, the movie is set for an October release date, so can capitalize on all that seasonal Halloween buzz.


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