8 Upcoming Movies No One Asked For (But Will Probably See)

These movies may not have been on the top of fans' wish lists, they hold some serious potential.

Aquaman Jason Momoa
Warner Bros

In this age of timeline refreshes and binge-watching, we are always looking towards what is next. Thankfully, there are plenty of movies to look forward to for the rest of the year, into 2019 and beyond.

Movies on the slate within the next eight months include Ralph Breaks the Internet, Creed 2, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Avengers 4.

As much as there is to mark on the calendar, there are other films that seem questionable, including live-action remakes, additional installments of long-running franchises, and new adaptations of comic book properties. That doesn’t mean they can't be great or even that we won't see them once released. Despite some hesitance among consumers, these films will likely generate plenty of buzz.

8. Joker Origin Film

Aquaman Jason Momoa
Warner Bros

With the exception of Superman and Batman, the Joker is arguably the most popular and recognizable character in DC Comics’ arsenal. Any movie dealing with such a large and loved figure is likely to yield skepticism.

The movie may conflict with the fundamental nature of the character. One of the most endearing and frightening aspects of The Joker is no one really knows exactly how he came about, with Alan Moore’s sometimes-canonical-sometimes-not Batman: The Killing Joke coming closest to an origin.

Giving him a backstory risks humanizing a character that really shouldn't be sympathetic. On a human level, the guy is beyond redemption and no failure or personal loss excuses his actions.

Still, the idea is interesting and a concept DC should explore more often. An anthology film centering the Clown Prince of Crime could deal with topics such as mania and nihilism with nuance not seen in other comic book flicks. If this is the goal, they couldn't have found a better actor than Joaquin Phoenix, who has shown he's more than capable of delivering isolated, manic and unsettling performances.

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