8 Upcoming Movies Undergoing Reshoots (And What It Means)

Is Spidey getting a post-Endgame tune-up?

Marvel Studios

If there's one word that's sure to leave film fans panicking about an upcoming movie, it's "reshoots."

Even though additional photography has become increasingly common in blockbuster filmmaking over the years - with many studios even working it into their initial schedules and budgets - it still makes fans consider whether a given project might be in a little trouble.

And indeed, reshoots are often indicative of a troubled production that isn't coming together as intended.

But as the likes of World War Z and Solo: A Star Wars Story have proven in recent years, sometimes smart producers can pull a seemingly doomed project back from the brink to critical and commercial success.

With that in mind, these eight movies are currently undergoing reshoots, or are deep in post-production following the recent completion of secondary photography.

From highly anticipated superhero sequels to mega-budget reboots of debatable necessity, smaller-scale horror films and everything in-between, they're all hoping to fix some nagging issues before their release date arrives. The size and scope of these problems, naturally, will vary wildly.

So, factoring in the state of the production, the personnel involved and the extent of the reshoots, here's what you should expect from these tinkered-with productions...


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