8 Ways New Batman V Superman Trailer Made You Change Your Mind

Oh, it might be great, then? Didn't see that one coming.

People have been really worried about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Given the potentially disastrous and obnoxiously bombastic premise, it isn't all that difficult to see why. With such a huge anticipated upcoming movie, DC are broadening their horizons; they're throwing two of the most iconic superheroes of all-time into the mix together, whilst simultaneously setting up a cinematic universe to rival that of Marvel's own. And it's not as though fans of said superheroes have had much to go on in order to suppress their fears and anxieties; Man of Steel, the first installment in the DC cinematic universe, was considered to be relatively lackluster in a good number of ways, after all, whilst the follow-up, Dawn of Justice, has been helmed by the same director, Zack Snyder, who's about as hit and miss a filmmaker as it's possible to be in this day and age. The first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't help matters; the response from fans emerged luke-warm, with many feeling as though the film lacked a sense of gravitas that was boldly apparent in Christopher Nolan's own Batman movies. But trailers can be deceiving, as Superman fans know; Man of Steel's trailer was hailed as a mini masterpiece, whilst the movie itself turned out to be a lot less fulfilling. Who new? But now there's hope. Hope, in the form of a 3:40 minute trailer for the upcoming motion picture behemoth that is Batman v Superman. A trailer that deals with all the criticisms levelled at the film so far and calms a good lot of them. A trailer that does justice to the characters and the story. A trailer that, against the odds, makes Ben Affleck look cool...
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