8 Weirdest Accidents On The Sets Of Films

Untrained stunt animals, actors hit by lighting, food spiked with PCP - Hollywood sounds fun, huh?

Blade Accident
New Line Cinema

Lots of people get injured on film and TV sets. Unfortunately, this is just a byproduct of the industry they work in, with dangerous stunts containing anything from pyrotechnics, car chases, fight scenes, and extended parkour sequences being to blame for the majority of the accidents that take place.

Some of these accidents and injuries can even result in production companies getting sued or catching flak on social media for their unsafe practices. Most recently, actress Ruby Rose and Warner Brothers have been involved in a spat regarding the working conditions on the set of the TV show Batwoman.

Rose revealed on Instagram that she was injured during a stunt that led to her getting surgery to fix two "herniated discs" close to her spine, alongside one crew member that received "third-degree burns" and another that was "left quadriplegic". Warner Bros made an official statement calling Rose's statement "revisionist history", but chose not to address the mistreatment of its other cast members in their account.

A lot of accidents don't tend to make headline news however, as in a lot of cases actors choose to do their own stunts in place of trained stunt doubles. Some injuries and accidents are also a result of weird or unique freak occurrences that really leave no single person to blame, sometimes due to mere chance or even as a result of certain illegal substances coming into play.

Next time you see a stuntperson's name pop up in the credits, give them the recognition they deserve.

8. Everyone - Roar

Blade Accident
Drafthouse Films

Roar, a 1981 "comedy" film, is about a wildlife conservationist who moves to Tanzania to study some giant cats - like lions and tigers. I think you can see where this is going.

Roar, an insane film made by insane people, was shot using real animals. Usually, this wouldn't be too crazy, as Hollywood uses real animals all the time. The 80s were a different time though, so, for some god-forsaken reason, they decided to shoot all its scenes with untrained animals.

John Marshall - son of director and lead star Noel Marshall - was quoted saying that out of Roar's 140 person crew, over 100 of them ended up getting injured. This included Noel himself, who was bitten 11 times and had to be treated for both gangrene and blood poisoning.

Lead actress Tippi Hedren was also bitten on the head by a lion, thrown from the back of an elephant, scratched by a leopard, AND bitten on the chest by a cougar. Some of the injuries were so ghastly and numerous that we don't have the time to list them all here, so be warned that further accounts about the insane conditions on set do not make for light reading.

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