8 Widespread Movie "Facts" That Are Totally Untrue

Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back Movie fans will often find themselves exposed to the same pieces of information or trivia over and over again, to the point where things we've never actually looked up for ourselves or officially confirmed become fully-fledged facts. You believe them "just 'cause." This isn't entirely our fault, because most of the time we just want to believe things because they sound cool, and there's no real reason to doubt the person telling us: I mean, why would they make it up? In actuality, there are tons of movie-based "facts" out there that have been circulating for years, none of which are grounded in any truth at all. And who knows how these things start? A misquote somewhere, a piece of information taken out of context, somebody getting something wrong by accident... the possibilities that give rise to such instances are presumably endless. But by the time they're ingrained into movie culture, it's near-on impossible to phase them out. Take the 8 widespread movie facts that I've gathered for inclusion on this list, then, all of which you've probably heard from somebody or have even passed on a one point (I know I have), on the basis that they're famous or well-known movie facts. In reality, not a single one of these facts are true at all, and have been exacerbated, fabricated or - in some cases - conjured up out of thin air. I think it's time we put these little b*stards to bed once and for all...

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