8 Worst Humans In Zombie Films

captain rhodes day of the dead Earlier in the year I began writing for WhatCulture with an article on the 10 best zombie film heroes. It was one of my favourite articles to write even to this day and I was pretty content with the choices. But soon afterwards I realised that we celebrate the badass and the brave of zombie films, but we don€™t spend nearly as long ridiculing and flat out laughing at the mistakes of those deemed less suitable for a world full of flesh eating undead. Some are slow to learn, some refuse to believe there are corpses rising from the ground and some are just plain stupid. Can we honestly say we€™d fare much better? Perhaps not, but as they are stuck in a zombie infested world and we€™re not, all we can do is laugh at their expense and probably at their demise. So as a follow up to the 10 Best Human Heroes, here are their 10 worst counterparts for the zombie apocalypse.

8. Wichita and Little Rock - Zombieland

€œHave you heard about Pacific Playland? There are no zombies there..€ I was tempted to put Tallahassee as the second member of both the best and worst humans club, mostly due to the fact that he breaks every rule that the impressively intelligent Zombieland builds up, or Columbus because of the fact that said rules count for nothing in the end when compared to high firepower and twinkies. However, the honour goes to the lovable sisters of Zombieland due to their very odd mistakes. While I love the film and hold it very high on my all-time zombie genre film list, every time I watch it I fail to understand how two clearly intelligent con artist sisters think it€™s a clever idea to go to a (very, very) loud amusement park and press the on switch. They€™ve rung the world€™s largest dinner bell, just before trapping themselves on the world€™s largest piñata. It takes the full, awesome might of Tallahassee and cunning plans of Columbus to rescue the damsels in distress from their extraordinarily stupid mistake. Although I can let them off the higher places because it led to one of the greatest zombie killing sprees ever seen on the big screen.
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