9 Action Movie Costumes That Make No Sense

8. Pamela Anderson in Barb WIre

Pamela Anderson Barb Wire
Gramercy Pictures

Possibly one of the more ridiculous costumes on this list comes from the terribly reviewed Barb Wire. A dystopian action thriller starring Pamela Anderson, Barb Wire was adapted from a Dark Horse comic book. It is an easily forgettable movie but the only memorable feature is its stupid costumes.

Anderson's character is a mercenary who is dragged into a dangerous plot. Her character seems to not understand the usefulness of proper attire. Anderson sports several revealing outfits, all highlighting her chest with rib crushing corsets and skin-tight trousers.

While fighting several gun-toting enemies, it would be far more practical for her to wear something bulletproof for even something slightly more tactical. Anderson makes herself a huge and vulnerable target that, for some reason, means she is a better fighter. In real life, she would have massively struggled in her scantly clad costume but she somehow comes out victorious.

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