9 Actors Who Blamed Their Co-Stars For Movie Flops

Ben Affleck blames "Bennifer" for Gigli.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Aniston Gigli
Columbia Pictures

Even bringing the worst movie to the big screen is the result of a ton of blood, sweat, and tears being spilled by committed if not talented craftsfolk looking to earn an honest wage.

And while actors tend to be relatively diplomatic towards their fellow cast members when discussing their failed projects, every so often they'll be bothered enough to pipe up and admit that somebody else on set was to blame for the critical and/or commercial flop.

Whether these actors feel that their co-stars were patently unprofessional by creating an antagonistic on-set environment, brought too much personal baggage to the table, or were simply miscast, in each example a clear case is made for why these films failed as spectacularly as they did.

Granted, it takes an extremely talented director to make something compelling out of a dud script, so in honesty there's probably a fair share of blame to go around...


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