9 Actors Who Made Better Versions Of Previous Films

The best kind of rip-off.

Ryan Gosling Drive The Place Beyond The Pines
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There are countless examples of actors who have typecast themselves into oblivion starring in awful movies echoing their earlier hits, but what about those rare instances where actors not only recapture their prior glory, but actually exceed it?

These 9 actors did just that, appearing in movies which felt like roundabout remakes of their prior efforts, but against all the odds, the new movie actually built upon what came before.

That's right, these 9 films may crib their core premise from an existing movie starring the very same actor, but thanks to a wealth of smart creative choices and a little luck, their act of imitation proved very much worth it.

Hollywood is littered with examples of actors cashing in on their fame with ersatz knock-offs, so it stands to reason that these 8 movies are enormous rarities in the annals of cinema and therefore the exceptions that basically prove the rule.

In many cases both movies are actually worth watching, though, so that's neat...

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