9 Actors Who Quit Major Film Roles

Cut loose before action.

Bill Murray Batman
Columbia Pictures/DC

As the end-users in the film industry, it's easy to see the polished final products as the result of a similarly smooth production process. The truth is anything but, and there's often a number of maladies that beset the development of a film. Sometimes, problems present themselves before shooting even begins - such as a cast member deciding it's just not for them.

While it's true that any actor leaving any production at any point can be a traumatic, disruptive event for the resulting film, it happens more often than you think. Nary a year goes by without a few stories of people being ejected from a cast because they don't like the material, they don't like their colleagues, or they don't like what the fans are going to think of them.

This list is dedicated to all those actors who ultimately missed out on mega bucks by choice. Keep in mind, a very mild SPOILER WARNING is in effect.


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