9 Actors Who Will Ruin 2018 Films

Jean Grey needs a recast.

X Men Dark Phoenix Jean Grey Sophie Turner

It's a sad truth of Hollywood that an otherwise enjoyable movie can be sunk single-handedly by an actor who just isn't on the same page as everyone else.

Whether they deliver a lazy, phoned-in performance, fail to measure up to immense fan expectations, bring a distracting presence that detracts from the rest of the movie, or drag with them a boatload of PR baggage, these 9 actors just might ruin their huge upcoming movies.

With the Internet already reacting with a mixture of disgust and baffled curiosity to most of these casting choices - either as soon as they were announced or since unsavoury production news has leaked out - it's safe to say that fans won't be too kind to them if they're anything less than surprisingly stellar.

Everyone would love to be wrong about these actors damaging their own upcoming projects, but for the most part it unfortunately feels like the writing's already on the wall...


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