9 Amazing Performances By Actors Who Stopped Giving A Damn

8. Jackie Chan - Rush Hour

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Rush Hour is another installment in the odd couple/buddy cop action movie oeuvre, this time bringing together goofy martial arts legend Jackie Chan and even goofier comedic sidekick Chris Tucker.

It wasn't exactly an Oscar-worthy performance from either of them, and in fact doesn't rank anywhere near the top 10 from Chan's filmography, but it was the first time most audiences outside of Hong Kong were introduced to his combination of top-notch stunt work and silly (and occasionally subversive) comedy.

But for Chan, it was a disheartening experience:

“I have reasons to do each film, I have something to say. Unlike ‘Rush Hour’ – there was no reason [in making it]. You just give me the money and I’m fine. I dislike ‘Rush Hour’ the most.”

Chan thought the stunt work was uninspired and the fight choreography was too "Americanized". And yet, anyone watching the movie without prior knowledge of the action star's previous work would be wowed by scenes where Chan effortlessly scales a 15 foot wall and drops hundreds of feet (with the use of wires, of course) onto a makeshift slide.

It's a reminder that even when he's just going through the motions, Jackie Chan is one of the most underrated action stars of all time.

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