9 Awful Characters Who Nearly Ruined Awesome Movies

8. The Ewoks - Return Of The Jedi

Emma Frost

Though Return of the Jedi is still rightly lauded as one of the stronger entries in what appears to be a series on the decline, Episode VI very nearly became the biggest laughing stock in all of the galaxy when our team of beloved heroes were taken captive by a bunch of teddy bears.

Bursting onto the scene during Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker's mission to deactivate the second Death Star's shield generator on the forrest moon of Endor, the Ewoks quickly felt like nothing more than a blatant attempt to attract younger fans to the franchise and sell a boatload of toys in the process.

During the film itself, the Ewoks turn the trilogy's once compelling action set-pieces into complete jokes, humbling the cruel, vicious and technologically advanced Empire with simple bow and arrows, rocks and conveniently placed traps.

Sure, they may not be as reviled as The Last Jedi's dreaded Porgs, but Endor's little fuzzy inhabitants turned what could have been one of the most epic finales in cinema history into a surreal teddy bear picnic with added Yub Nub.

Still, at least that Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader Death Star duel was bloody brilliant, eh?


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