9 Biggest Movies Coming Out In July 2018

It's time to jump into the future...

Marvel Studios

Inevitably, fans are always looking forward to what movies are coming out soon, but anticipation doesn't usually build up until just a few months before release as we are inundated with trailers, posters and behind-the-scenes gossip. But films take a long time to make, and Hollywood's slate is meticulously planned years ahead by studio executives even beyond what the public knows is on the docket.

In that respect, it's a good idea to take a look at the movies coming out exactly one year from now. As of writing, at least. For all we know, these movies could get bounced around the calendar or cancelled entirely, but for now these are the movies we'll be prepping to see at the multiplex this time next year.

July is the prime time for summer blockbusters, and all of these movies sound like they fit the bill. Some of these are well-established franchises ready to continue raking in money from their built-in fan-bases, some are new adaptations or spin-offs that could be the beginnings of a new franchise, but there's also some wholly original ideas that could becomes new classics.

But whatever their origin, this time next year looks to be a fun balance of genres and budgets, so no matter your taste there's a movie for you next July. Looking at the calendar with anticipation and even a little speculation, this is July 2018 one year forward.


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