9 Comic Book Movies That Almost Had Way Better Endings

6. The Classic Costume - The Wolverine

In its current form, Japan-based X-Men spin-off flick, The Wolverine, ends with the titular hero and his new bodyguard, Yukio, boarding a plane to an unknown destination. In the alternate ending, though, Wolverine boards the same plane but is presented by Yukio with a large attache case. "What's this?" he asks, before opening it to reveal some rather exciting contents: his iconic black and yellow costume. As Wolverine offers up a wry smile (and Yukio grins and says: "Interesting"), the movie cuts to black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNcugthENlI This ending would've have changed all that much, to be honest, but just giving us a glimpse of Wolverine's iconic costume... well, it would have been plainly awesome, wouldn't it? Plainly awesome in an "OMG!" fanboy kind of way, sure, but plainly awesome nonetheless. Wolverine is still yet to don the classic outfit on the big screen, after all. Director James Mangold ultimately decided to remove this moment,, however, as he didn't want to put pressure on the whoever wound up directing the next X-Men movie, forcing them to include the costume. It was considerate gesture, but still... come on! Fans have been waiting to see Wolverine in his trademark garb and this could've been the perfect set up.

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