9 Criminally Underrated 2013 Films You Probably Missed

You probably watched Movie 43, but none of these. Shame on all of you.

Given how many films are released every year, it's impossible to see, and love, all of the films that deserve it. But when audiences flock to see risible bilge like Movie 43, or anything that even remotely resembles a Twilight film, it becomes obvious that there's something fundamentally wrong with the wider cinema-going public. Some of the greatest films of 2013 won't even have been seen by a fraction of the audiences who merrily paid to see the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot-sort-of-thing, or who were suckered into seeing the awful, insistent garbage that was Only God Forgives. And though they will complain at the resulting experiences, they'll never learn, and next year we'll inevitably be looking back at more films that should have been far more appreciated in 2014. Sometimes under-appreciated doesn't necessarily mean under-seen: both Man Of Steel and The Lone Ranger were ripped to pieces by critics, and even the venom directed towards Star Trek Into Darkness was slightly over-blown, but at least all three of those were actually widely seen by mainstream audiences (which is apparently the only mark of success that counts these days.) The films on this list are the under-appreciated and under-seen films that audiences simply did not respond to in justified fashion: whether because expectations got in the way, or the films simply weren't marketed well enough. In every case, they deserve to have been seen, and loved by a lot more people than did in actuality. First up, a Michael Bay film. Seriously.

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