9 Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Movie Moments

Prometheus almost made a lot more sense.

Who doesn''t love watching deleted scenes? They present an alternate version of the finished film and give us a view into the filmmaking process. Sure, mostly they're ill-thought out excursions that somehow survived long enough to be shot, but occasionally there'll be an absolute gem you can't quite believe didn't make the grade.

Unless you're Peter Jackson, editing is a time where you take the rough three-hour film that uses all of your material and work it down to something more bladder friendly. When cutting out scenes too unrelated to the overall story, in some cases exorcising entire subplots, there's always a distinct chance what's on the cutting room floor (or, in the age of digital, the recycle bin) has some artistic merit, but as long as the final film works that's a sacrifice worth making.

Sometimes, however, a scene's absence isn't compensated for, to confusing effect. It may be cut, but the effects of its content are still severely felt; audiences don't know the context and can be quick to ridicule or cry plot hole.

In an attempt to alleviate the confusion, today I'm going to look at nine stupid movie moments that with their deleted scene suddenly make perfect sense. We've looked at plot holes before; now it's time for eyebrow raising moments that deleted scenes solve. And what better way to kick off than with one of the dumbest lines in blockbuster history...

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