9 Directors Who Admitted Their Movies Have Plot-Holes

Spielberg knew what he was doing.

Indiana Jones Fridge

In an age where anyone and everyone has a wide-open avenue to voice their opinions on, well, just about anything, it shouldn't be terribly surprising that millions of people use that freedom and power to...complain about movies that make no sense.

In a post-CinemaSins world, many moviegoers take a clear pride in trying to tear a movie's logic asunder from the inside out. This can often result in over-eager viewers grasping at straws or flat-out forgetting what a plot hole actually is, but in these 9 cases, the directors themselves even admitted things were pretty fishy.

The 9 films, all hugely successful in their own rights and some of them even unassailable cinematic classics, nevertheless all featured at least one plot hole gaping enough that the filmmaker responsible eventually conceded the point.

While many directors are understandably precious about their work and will die on a hill to defend it, these filmmakers cast their ego aside - mostly, anyway - and accepted responsibility for some storytelling sloppiness on their part...


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