9 Directors Who Really F**ked Up The First Day Of Filming

What a mess.

George Lucas Star Wars

Even a smooth movie shoot is still an extremely arduous, time-consuming process which requires hundreds of artists, craftsfolk and technicians to work together in something close to harmony.

But it's little surprise that fate often has other plans, and for whatever reason, a movie makes its way to our cinema screens following a ton of on-set turmoil.

Sometimes this friction can materialise during production while shooting a challenging sequence or with the arrival of a "difficult" cast member, but often the writing is on the wall from minute one.

Case in point, we have these 9 movies, all of which got off to horrendous production starts with cataclysmic technological failures, awful crew injuries, and in one cases, even a death on the very first day of shooting.

While some of these movies got over their troublesome starts and went relatively smoothly for the remainder, in other cases it set a tone that defined the rest of the shoot - assuming the shoot even continued, of course.

Whether the filmmaker was directly responsible or simply caught in an impossible situation they couldn't even begin to control, their efforts struggled right out of the gate...


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