9 Directors Who Remade Their Own Movies

Because not all remakes are evil.

Believe it or not, not all remakes are cash-ins. Of course, many are, but there are a few every now and then which are remade for genuine reasons. There are fewer still examples of remakes made by the same director as before, with new advances in technology - or an opportunity to present the film in a different language, or a director's improved style, or the chance to remake a short-film of theirs - often the reason for this not wholly familiar occurrence. It is often the case (though not without exception, as we'll see) that these remakes are of superior quality, with the director having sometimes had decades in-between the original and the remake to rethink his ideas, to explore better ways of enriching the material. Not all of the films on show here adhere to this notion - and two are indeed phoney cash-ins - but it remains that the second-time-around approach is a fascinating one, not only in terms of its infrequent nature, but also because it advances the idea of film as a completely different art-form: a writer could not realistically write the same novel twice, nor a musician the same album, but a director can make the same film twice, and here's 9 times they did.

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