9 Famous Films Which Were Plagued By Ugly Lawsuits

8. The Hangover Part 2 (2011)

Follow up to 2009's successful The Hangover, Part 2 deals with the adventures of a group of guys who have to make it to Thailand for a wedding. Of course the usual zany capers ensue. A tattooist called S Victor Whitmill launched a lawsuit against Warner Bros in April 2011. In the film, one of the men - Stu - gets a tattoo of Mike Tyson. The plaintiff said that the Tattoo was copyrighted piece of work and Warner Bros should desist from using it in trailers and promotional work. Furthermore, he wanted a big cash award. This nearly derailed the release of the film. When put before a judge, she said that the lawsuit should continue because Mr Whitmill had a strong case for copyright infringement. Plus Warner Bros didn't have any good arguments. However, the film was to be released for the 'public interest'. The tattoo was digitally removed from DVD releases and Whitmill netted undisclosed damages. It wasn't all bad for Warner Bros - the film went on to gross multi million of dollars at the box office.

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