9 Famous Movie Facts (That Were Never Actually True)

Separating movie fact from Hollywood fiction.

More than any other, the movies industry has been romanticised and glamourised across the world, earning it a certain mystique that transcends reality. Particularly when it comes to Hollywood, this has led to a number of exaggerated myths and legends related to the grand projects and even grander personalities attached to them. Many of the myths and legends attached to the movie industry are now widely acknowledged as fiction. Despite this, there are still a few falsities that persist. Often, these fictions are printed as fact even in otherwise respected publications, which has only served to enhance the mystery surrounding the industry. It€™s no big secret that distributors and studios will occasionally go out of their way to further spread these rumours and exaggerations, which can help to generate further interest in their movies. This list takes a look at 9 famous movie €˜facts,€™ that were never actually true. Even though they aren€™'t entirely accurate, there'€™s still often a good story buried beneath the lies. From misrepresented stars whose habits were totally exaggerated, to movies that weren€™'t quite as based on the truth as they wanted you to believe, each of these entries help to distinguish between movie facts and Hollywood legend.­

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