9 Films Designed To Win Oscars That Failed Miserably

8. The Iron Lady

Cinderella Man Russell Crowe
20th Century Fox

Elvis Costello once said he'd "tramp the dirt down" when Margaret Thatcher and her hard-brand conservatism was dead. It's fairly impossible for Meryl Streep NOT to win an Oscar, and this biopic about the former Prime Minister is no exception. It's expectations beyond the token Streep win, however, were overly ambitious. It's bland, self-righteous narrative follows the biopic playbook and takes several liberties with history that are unforgivable.

Biopics by nature have to take some liberties with fact just for dramatic effect, but portraying Thatcher as a woman in a patronizing male-dominated parliament is largely a falsehood, and it's hard to make a sympathetic case for a woman opposed to the reunification of Germany. But she's Meryl Streep - she could play Ayn Rand and win.


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