9 Films That Actually Benefited From Bad Reviews

All publicity is good publicity...

Warner Bros.

It has been said that a movie can live or die based on how it is reviewed by the critics. If you're going to listen to anyone's point of view, who better than someone who earns a living by watching films and rating them for the world to see.

Many critics are held in such esteem that they can inspire droves of people to head to the picture-house or straight up kill a film's credibility before it has even been released.

Marketing has become an ever-adaptable beast and can transform these damning comments into a badge of honour. Lest we forget that millions of dollars tend to be at stake whenever a film is released to a wider audience and with most fans having access to the likes of Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, it has never been easier to destroy a film within a few sentences.

It does bear mentioning that not all studios are forced into thinking on their feet when the reviews hit the skids. Sometimes, all that bad press can influence an audience's desire to know what the fuss is about - causing a snowball effect...


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