9 Frozen Life Lessons That Will Completely Change Your Life

Sometimes it's good to trust the wisdom of idiots.

Olaf Gif Disney€™s sprawling blockbuster Frozen captured the hearts of millions across the globe and has since been the theme that has taken over little girls€™ wardrobes, as well as breaking out as a cultural phenomenon of its own. It's testament not only to the film's success, but also to Disney's enduring ability to make things that are eye-opening and life-affirming and package them in something colourful that appeals to kids. But then that's precisely how the Mouse House works: those classic movies have bonded families for years and whilst you watch and grow and fall in love with these movies (and the Princes) you can learn a lot from the story lines and the characters, sometimes without knowing it. Uncle Walt's films in general teach children and adults a lot: How To Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind, How To Become As Large As A Barge and Why You Shouldn€™t Trust That Red Strawberry Smelling Teddy Bear. All very helpful, if quite specific lessons, but there are invariably good and bad ones to learn. Frozen for instance teaches the valuable lesson of knowing when to express anger; which is quite handy considering how much of it still rains down every time Hans reveals that he's a massive d*ck. And that's not the whole story: there are in fact a number of enriching life lessons that you can learn from Anna and Elsa and apply it to your heartbroken, Hans-hating lives for the better.
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