9 Genuinely Subtle Ways Movies Planned For The Sequel In Advance

It was all Caesar's fault.

scream 2

It goes without saying that almost any successful blockbuster movie is going to get a sequel, because there's nothing Hollywood loves more than a sure-fire box office bet.

And while some films are respectful enough of the audience to keep the sequel-bait low-key and dignified, it's far more common to see films shamelessly selling you at least one sequel - if not an entire cinematic universe - rather than focus on telling a single compelling story.

But occasionally, movies will manage to offer up a more subtle sequel hook unintrusive enough that many audience members never even noticed it - at the time, at least.

These 9 movies defied expectations to set up sequels in surprising, left-field and altogether sneaky ways, such that the next movie's existence actually felt somewhat organic (regardless of how well it actually turned out).

That's not to say that all of these movies are themselves great, but each had respect enough for audiences not to bash them over the head with a glorifed coming attractions reel...


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